@bugfix2019/react test component

* 引入: import Test from '@bugfix2019/react-test-component' * 使用: <Test text="string" cb\={()=> window.alert('callback')} /> * 其他: 暂时没有 测试一版 * update version 1.0.21

React native pdf

A react native PDF view component, support ios and android platform

React hook search

A react hook which allows easy implementation of search functionality

Loadable codemod

Various codemods related to @loadable/components for easier migration/ugprades.

Graphql react

A GraphQL client for React using modern context and hooks APIs that’s lightweight (< 4 kB) but powerful; the first Relay and Apollo alternative with server side rendering.

React pages

A complete solution for building a React/Redux application: routing, page loading, (optional) server-side rendering, asynchronous HTTP requests, document metadata, internationalization, etc.

React internal css

Include internal stylesheets in React component instead of extracting into separate files. Provides drop-in server rendering support.

Lottie loader react native

A React Native Loader Component which uses Airbnb's Lottie to render smooth and beautiful loading animations.