Angular immutable textbox

An angular directive for creating an immutable textbox that only allows copying, ideal for sharing urls.

Http backend proxy

A proxy that allows configuring the AngularJs e2e $httpBackend service from within protractor based tests and enables protractor-to-browser data sharing.


The TestHelper helps sharing code between Angular & Jasmine unit tests by providing common test setups and corresponding test contexts for services and directives.

Ngx shareit

Amazing package for data sharing from anywhere of the application to anywhere. It has really simple mechanism of doing it, just plug and play

Angular social links

Flexible and easy social sharing directives for Twitter, Google plus and Facebook

Ngx community

Simple online group space or community for conversation, Q&A, and resource sharing


Package to use the ... service that allows you to create custom opengraph url from dynamic apps such as react or angular apps.

Ng let

Structural directive for sharing data as local variable into html component template.

Dandy client sharing

This library was generated with [Angular CLI]( version 8.1.3.

Angular apikeys

A Angular module with a service for a more elegant sharing and storing of your API keys

@oracle/addthis angularjs

Free and Pro AddThis tools to your AngularJS app. This AngularJS module includes a directive, service and provider. It is smart about route changes and the AngularJS digest cycles and how they affect AddThis tools. Requires a free AddThis account.

Ngx responsive embed

Angular Library for making iframe, embed, object and video responsive and on ratio's 4 by 3 and 16 by 9. Tested on Angular 6

Angular aria

AngularJS module for making accessibility easy

Ngx font size

> An Angular component for web accessibility that allows the visitor to toggle between font sizes on the app.