Vue typing

A Component with keyboard typing effect

Version: 1.2.0 Updated: 06/30/2019

By: trickstival License: MIT

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Vue Typing

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Vue typing is an open-source Vue.js component that provides typing-like effect


yarn add vue-typing
# or
npm install vue-typing


import VueTyping from 'vue-typing'
export default {
    template: `
            <vue-typing :text="myText" :cursorOptions="myCursor" />
            <button @click="type">Type it!</button>
    name: 'my-component',
    components: { VueTyping },
    data () {
        return {
            myText: 'initialText',
            myCursor: { blinking: true, cursor: "|", color: "black", framerate: 24}
    methods: {
        type () {
            this.myText = `I'm typing one character per frame`


  • text: String The text that is going to be typed into the component

  • framerate: Number (default 1) The number of frames for each character. Set it higher if you want to make the typing slower.

  • cursorOptions : Object (default : { blinking: true, cursor: "|", color: "black", framerate: 24}) An object that defines the cursor in the animation, with the following options : -blinking: boolean. defines if the cursor is blinking or not -cursor: string. defines what's the cursor character. -color: CSS color string, hex value, rgb value as defined in css. defines the color of the cursor. -framerate: Number. defines the speed in which the cursor blinks, if blinking is set to true. values should be positive integers

  • disableCursor: Boolean (default false) a prop that defines if the cursor is enabled or not.


-cursorSpeed -An exported objects that contains some default values to help setting the framerate for the cursor blinking animation

export const CursorSpeed = {
    slow: 40,
    normal: 24,
    fast: 5

import VueTyping, { CursorSpeed } from "vue-typing";
new Vue({
    template: '<vue-typing :cursorOptions="$options.cursorOptions" />',
    cursorOptions: {

CSS Classes

-the cursor selector has a class named typing-cursor that you can utilize with css to edit the cursor.

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