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A table with dynamic components for vue.js

Version: 2.6.0-beta5 Updated: 04/04/2017

By: gurghet

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Vue Smart Table lets you deploy beautiful tables when you are in a hurry and all you got is a tangled json from the backend.

After such a hack you are left with super mainainable code because the table is completely modular and divided in components.

You can then pick it up and perfect your work without long rewrites.


Basically you write this

    {key: 'name.first', label: 'name'},
    {key: 'name.last', label: 'surname'},
    {key: 'gender'},
    {key: 'phone+cell', label: 'contacts'},
    {key: 'picture.thumbnail', label: 'avatar'}
    {key: 'nat', label: 'nationality'}
    :order-by="['name.first', 'name.last']"
   <src2img col="picture.thumbnail"></src2img><!-- renders pictures -->
   <contacts col="phone+cell"></contacts><!-- custom formatting -->
   <nationality col="nat"></nationality><!-- queries a remote server for country code to country name conversion -->
   <fontawesome col="gender"></fontawesome><!-- font awesome! -->

and you get this

vue smart table



If you use Webpack/Browserify

npm install vue-smart-table --save

In your app then you write:

import SmartTable from "vue-smart-table"
Vue.component('smart-table', SmartTable)

Alternatively you can add it to your components options

import SmartTable from "vue-smart-table"
// ...
components: {
    'smart-table': SmartTable
// ...

In Webpack you will have to transpile some .js files inside the vue-smart-table, since the node_modules directory it’s excluded by default in the vue-cli template, remember to enable it. This means that if your js loader is like this:

  test: /\.js$/,
  loader: 'babel',
  include: projectRoot,
  exclude: /node_modules/ // <-- this needs to be changed

You will have to spare the folder node_modules/vue-smart-table/src/components from exclusion. Just turn the exclude property to:

exclude: /node_modules(?!\/vue-smart-table\/src\/components)/

If you use the <script> tag inside your page

This is ideal if you are using Smart Table as a drop-in component in a bigger project that is not based on Vue.js

The vue-smart-table.js does not contain vue and vue-resource dependencies, those will also need to be on the page.

<script src=""></script>
<!-- or -->
<script src=""></script>

That’s it! The component will register itself! Remember do add a min.js when going in production.

After that you can freely use it in your templates:

<smart-table :body="[{hello:'world'}]"></smart-table>

Smart Table Tutorial in under 20 seconds


You will find documentation at the wiki page (although there is no versioning there, so heads up)


For more information visit:

The format of the body prop is like the following:

[ { _id: 3 , name: 'John'  , surname: 'Smith' },
  { _id: 92, name: 'Fulano', surname: 'Perro' } ]


# install dependencies
npm install

# serve demo app with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

# build standalone with minification
npm run build

# run unit tests
# always run unit tests! D:<
npm run ~unit
# for the body parsing run
npm run ~funit


  • Bootsrap/Semantic compatibility
  • Derived columns
  • Sorting
  • Pagination
  • Filtering
  • Footers
  • Inline editing
    • Inline adding
    • Inline validation
  • Aggregate actions
  • Drag row to reorder
  • Extreme backend interface
  • Sovereign CSS customization
  • Hypersonic cache

Similar Components

Here is a list of similar components that also display a table:



  • Complete engine rewrite!
    • Core logic was ~100 lines, now only ~15
    • Such maintainance
    • Many development speed
    • wow!
  • [Feature] Client filtering is now supported through the filter event


  • [Fix] Polyfill for find added for Chrome for Android


  • [Fix] As a workaround for Safari, use explicitly CSS polyfill


  • [Fix] Added polyfill for CSS.escape
  • [Fix] Removed instances of HTMLNodelist.forEach


  • [Feature] Inline edit capabilities with more advanced components
  • Breaking change: format of the header prop is changed (:header="[{key: 'key1', label: 'label'}, {key: 'keyEqualsToLabel'}]"
  • Breaking change: body-field => body-path
  • Bootstrap/Semantic compatibility


  • [Fix] Shows _id column if explicitly set in the header


  • click column headers to order by that column


  • again forgot about the dist files -.-


  • can set body-field to empty string if data is already in an array


  • forgot to rebuild the dist files -.-


  • derived columns (:header="{'home+office+mobile':'contacts'}")


  • completely new body format (see docs)
  • auto loading data on startup using the "auto-load" prop
  • header can read from nested attributes with dot notation (eg. "name.last")
  • ids can now include letters, some signs (._-) and can be null
  • body and id fields can be changed through "body-field" and "id-col" props


  • stains the global scope with SmartTable constructor


Working on break dependencies on other modules

  • build now yields only two files
  • external dependencies now needs to be available in global namespace
    • Ramda
    • jQuery
    • Vue
    • VueResource


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