Vue simple hotkey

Simple hotkey plugin for vue.js

Version: 0.1.5 Updated: 11/13/2018

By: whyask37 License: MIT

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npm i vue-simple-hotkey
yarn add vue-simple-hotkey





Simple hotkey module for vue.js.

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Install with:

npm i jquery vue-simple-hotkey

Activate with:

import VueSimpleHotkey from 'vue-simple-hotkey'

Register hotkey with v-hotkey directive.

<button v-hotkey='"enter"' @click='myMethod'></button>

Multiple hotkeys for an element could be registered.

<button v-hotkey="['enter', 'ctrl+s']" @click='myMethod'></button>

To create hotkey without any visible thing, use empty <span> element with @click handler. You may even use display:none; here.

<span v-hotkey='"enter"'></span>

If you're using pug and you hate '" or "', you may use an array syntax.


Hotkeys without modifiers (ctrl, shift, alt) are automatically disabled when an input element (input, textarea, div w/ contenteditable) is focused.

<textarea>blahblah</textarea> <!-- while this element is focused-->
<button v-hotkey="['enter']"> This hotkey won't work </button>
<button v-hotkey="['ctrl+s']"> This hotkey WILL work </button>

Exception) ESC will work without any modifiers.

<button v-hotkey="['esc']"> This too will work </button>

Sometimes you'll want to restrict the range of hotkey to specific DOM element. You can set the range using v-hotkey:(depth). In the case below, hotkey will work when depth_1 is focused, but it won't when depth_2 is focused.

  <button v-hotkey:1='"ctrl+s"'><button>  <!-- button element itself is depth 0 -->
  <input name="depth_1">
<input name="depth_2">

Descriptions: what this plugin does to make everything just work.

This plugin tries to just work™ in most cases. This is achieved with some complex rules.

Hotkey triggers a click. A reasonable one.

Basically this plugin simulates a 'mouse click'. <button> is clicked. <span> is clicked. <input> is clicked (hence focused)

Click events are given by el.dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent('click')). Some components (like vue-multiselect) work on other events like mousedown, and such components should be overridden. An API for overrides should be opened soon.

You may want to register hotkey to some nested DOM.

<!-- Some custom component called fancy-button -->
<div class='fancy-button-wrapper'>
  <!-- UI stuff with a very complex structure. -->


<!-- some other component -->
<fancy-button v-hotkey="'ctrl+s'">Amazing Very Fancy Wow</fancy-button>

When you're registering hotkey on such DOM, the child on top of the center of parent's boundary box will be clicked instead.

Center of the element is clicked

The event is bubbling, so you may give click event handler to either parent or child. Things will somehow just work.

This mechanism won't work if some other non-child is overlaying over center point. In such cases a click event will be dispatched to the original element.

Hotkey conflict resolution

When multiple elements registeres the same hotkey, the element with the closest common ancestor is selected. For instance, in a case like below image, the upper red element is triggered.

Multiple element with same hotkey

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