Vue seamless scroll repair

A simple, Seamless scrolling for Vue.js

Version: 1.1.17 Updated: 12/30/2019

By: chenxuan0000 License: ISC


A simple, Seamless scrolling for Vue.js

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Update log


Bug fix

  • The step attribute is set to a decimal point below 1 and scrolls up with a sway.

  • The offsetWidth is rounded off, causing the error to be calculated. The horizontal scrolling is not on one line, and a blank will appear.

  • If single-step scrolling is set, the step needs to be a single-numbered divisor, otherwise the position of the single-step scrolling end cannot be guaranteed.

    Configuration update

  • Added navigation configuration, whether the left and right scrolling shows the controller button. When the value is true, autoPlay automatically becomes false.

Browser support

iOS Safari
Chrome for Android


  • base on requestAnimationFrame.
  • the configuration meets a variety of requirements.
  • current support for seamless scrolling, single-step scrolling, and manual switching support for horizontal direction.



npm install vue-seamless-scroll --save




online demo

// **main.js**
// install
import Vue from 'vue'
import scroll from 'vue-seamless-scroll'

//or you can set componentName default componentName is vue-seamless-scroll
Vue.use(scroll,{componentName: 'scroll-seamless'})

// 2.single .vue import
  import vueSeamless from 'vue-seamless-scroll'
   export default {
      components: {

Normal use


Specific reference test/test.html

  <div id="app">
  <script src="vue.js"></script>
  <script src="vue-seamless-scroll"></script>
    new Vue({
      el: '#app'


key description default val
step the faster the rolling speed is faster 1 Number
limitMoveNum start seamless scrolling minimum data length 5 Number
hoverStop mouse hover control is enabled true Boolean
direction 0 down、 1 up 、 2 left 、 3 right 1 Number
openTouch open mobile touch true Boolean
singleHeight one single stop height(default zero is seamless) => direction 0/1 0 Number
singleWidth one single stop width(default zero is seamless) => direction 2/3 0 Number
waitTime one single data stop wait time(ms) 1000 Number
switchOffset the left and right buttons distance from the left and right sides (px) 30 Number
autoPlay Less than 1.1.17 version needs to be set to false when manually switching true Boolean
switchSingleStep the size of a single step switch (px) 134 Number
switchDelay the animation time of a single step switch(ms) 400 Number
switchDisabledClass the className of the switch parent element that cannot be clicked disabled String
isSingleRemUnit singleHeight and singleWidth Whether to enable the rem metric false Boolean
  • update 1.1.17
key description default val
navigation Whether the left and right scrolling shows the controller button, autoPlay automatically becomes false when true false Boolean


name description calback params
ScrollEnd A roll-through callback event null

Individual special configuration items

1.The outermost container needs to be set manuallywidth height overflow:hidden

2.The left and right seamless rolling needs to be set for the main content area (that is, the default slot slots)css width(otherwise, the actual width cannot be calculated correctly). You can also set it to display:flex; without setting the css width property.

3.The step value is not recommended to be too small, otherwise there will be carton effect.(If single-step scrolling is set, the step needs to be a divisor of the single-step size, otherwise the position of the single-step scrolling end cannot be guaranteed to be accurate. ~, such as single step 30, step can not be 4)

4.You need to set when you need to manually switch left and right to scrollautoPlay:false(Starting with version 1.1.17, you only need to set navigation:false),(The loop is not currently supported.)

5.Provides slot left-switch || right-switch you can freely define the button styles you want. The outer div is positioned in the middle,the distance from both sides can be adjusted by the switchOffset parameter.

6.When the button reaches the boundary position, it automatically adds a definition to the state button that cannot be clicked.switchDisabledClass: 'disabled',you can configure it as needed.

Issues solution

Event cannot be duplicated


See the GitHub release history.


If you want js to scroll seamlessly (without dependencies) you can switch to here.seamscroll


Welcome to give some Suggestions and optimizations, and look forward to your Pull Request.


vue-seamless-scroll is open source and released under the MIT License.

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