Vue renderless calendar

Zero dependency Vue renderless calendar with scoped-slots API

Version: 2.2.0 Updated: 02/16/2021

By: winexy License: MIT

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vue-renderless-calendar 📆

Zero dependency Vue renderless calendar with scoped-slots API


npm i vue-renderless-calendar
yarn add vue-renderless-calendar


Main wrapper component which contains state of the calendar and other helpful data


Prop Required Type Default Description
viewMode false String 'single', 'double', 'infinite'
mode false String 'single', 'range'
locale false Object or String navigator.language Locale string (e.g. 'ru'), it will automatically generate locale object using Date.prototype.toLocaleString, otherwise you can provide this object manually
minDate false String '' Minimal valid date (YYYY-MM-DDD)
maxDate false String '' Maximal valid date (YYYY-MM-DDD)
preventOutOfRange false Boolean true Prevent user go out of valid dates range
dateSelectStrategy false Function null If you want custom behaviour for handling date select, you can implement this function
defaultSelectedDates false Array [] Array of date strings with YYYY-MM-DDD format
captureHover false Boolean true captureHover prop is used for computing dates which are between selected date and current hovered date
captureThirdDate false Boolean false captureThirdDate prop is used for capturing dates between in case when 2 dates already selected and you have third element hovered
disabledDates false Array [] Array of YYYY-MM-DDD strings containing dates that can't be selected
markedDates false Array [] Array of YYYY-MM-DDD strings with special meaning, that later will be accessed via isMarked modifier

Scoped-slots properties

Property Type Description
weekDayNames Array List of week days with short and full titles from locale object
monthNames Array List of months with short and full titles from locale object
monthsList Array List of months which can be used for rendering months with possibility for changing current month view of calendar using setMonth method
calendar Array Array of months with month, year number and array of dates
selectedDates Array<CalendarDate> Array of current selected dates
currentMonth Number
currentYear Number
canGoToPrevMonth Boolean
canGoToNextMonth Boolean

Scoped-slots Methods

Property Arguments Description
prevPage - Go to previous view iteration
nextPage - Go to next view iteration
resetDates - Set selectedDates to []
setMonth monthListItem Update views current active month
onDateMouseOut - Reset current hovered date
onDateMouseOver CalendarDate Set current hovered date
onDateSelect CalendarDate Append selected date to selectedDates array using "date select strategy"
getModifiers CalendarDate Returns


Event name Payload
onDateChange Array<CalendarDate>


Object containing boolean properties that can be useful for computing styles

Property Type Description
isSelected Boolean
isBetween Boolean
isDisabled Boolean
isMarked Boolean
isFirst Boolean is first selected date
isLast Boolean is last selected date
isOneDayAfter Boolean is one day after selected date
isOneDayBefore Boolean is one date before selected date
isOneDayBeforeFirst Boolean
isOneDayAfterFirst Boolean
isOneDayBeforeLast Boolean
isOneDayAfterLast Boolean


Class representing information about date


Property Type Description
year Number
month Number 0-11
day Number 1-31
actualMonthNumber Number Number of month with index correction
formatted String YYYY-MM-DD
isWeekend Boolean
isToday Boolean
isOtherMonthDay Boolean This field can be used to find out that this is the date from previous or next month
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