Vue reactive localstorage

Reactive layer used to interact with localStorage for Vue 2

Version: 1.4.4 Updated: 12/30/2018

By: HAlex License: ISC

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Vue Reactive Storage

Reactive layer for interacting with localStorage from Vue 2.

Quick install

npm install --save

  • This package is not on NPM, use GitHub source only.

Why do you need it

window.localStorage is not reactive if you use it directly with Vue, for example if you want to use localStorage in data and you change a property it will not reflect changes in your component.

new Vue({
    data: {
      storage: window.localStorage
    template: " <div> {{storage.notes}}, {{storage.lang}} ... </div> ",
    created: function() { = "other value";

How to use Vue Reactive Storage

import ReactiveStorage from "vue-reactive-localstorage";
// Set initial values
Vue.use(ReactiveStorage, {
    "notes": "foo",
    "lang": "foo",
    "name": "foo",
    "count": 1,
    "userConfig": {
        age: 10,
        name: "fred"

Define vars that will be stored and proxied by Vue (any other var in window.localStorage that is not on this array will not be proxied).

Now you can acess the namespace storage in Vue.

new Vue({
    template: " <div> {{storage.notes}}, {{storage.lang}} ... </div> ",
    created: function() { = "other value"; // will react on the view and on real localStorage.
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