Vue pluralize

Handy Pluralize filters for your Vue project

Version: 0.0.2 Updated: 08/30/2019

By: SimpleNexus License: MIT

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Handy Pluralize filters for your Vue project.


Install via NPM...

$ npm install vue-pluralize
// or
$ yarn add vue-pluralize

Import and use like so:

import VuePluralize from 'vue-pluralize'



Simply set pluralize as the filtering function and you're good to go. At least one argument is expected, which is the number of items.

<span>{{ 'user' | pluralize(10) }}</span>
<!-- renders -->


vue-pluralize attaches the Pluralize instance to your Vue app as this.$pluralize.

This allows you to call Pluralize from the script portion of your Vue component.

You can add new rules by adding them to the root Pluralize instance.

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