Vue pipeline

One easy-to-use component to show beautiful responsive timeline like jenkins blue ocean plugin.

Version: 1.0.12 Updated: 08/07/2020

By: jinfang134 License: MIT

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One easy-to-use component to show beautiful responsive timeline like jenkins blue ocean plugin.



To get started, check out:


NOTE: Vue Pipeline is licensed under The MIT License. Completely free, you can arbitrarily use and modify this plugin. If this plugin is useful to you, you can Star this repo, your support is my biggest motive force, thanks.


  • Created Graph according your data dynamiclly
  • Responsive web design
  • svg component
  • Fully configurable
  • Via data attributes
  • Show/Hide arrow
  • 3 kinds of lines
  • support graph and tree view
  • Single node selection
  • Different status for each node
  • Different weight for each edge
  • Different color for each node and edge


npm install vue-pipeline
import Vue from 'vue'
import VuePipeline from 'vue-pipeline'



Props of Pipeline

Name Type Default Description
x number 50 The x coordinate of the starting point of the graph
y number 55 The y coordinate of the starting point of the graph
xstep number 120 The position horizontally from a previous node.
ystep number 50 The position vertically from a previous node.
data Array [] data
lineStyle string default There are 3 types of line: ' default',' bessel','line'
showArrow boolean false whether show arrow for each line.

Props for each node

Name Type Default Description
name string null The title of each node
hint string null The hint of each node
status string null Status of each node, There are 6 type of status: start,succeed,running,failure,paused,unstable,end
next Array [] The edge connected with this node
next: index number null The index of another node of this edge
next: weight number null The weight of this edge

Sample Data:

let data = [
    name: "Start",
    hint: "1m23s",
    status: "start",
    next: [{ index: 1, weight: 2 }]
    name: "Ammouncement Import",
    hint: "1m23s",
    status: "success",
    next: [
      { index: 2, weight: 0 },
      { index: 4, weight: 2 }
    name: "Employee ID to Onboarding",
    hint: "2m23s",
    status: "failure",
    next: [{ index: 3, weight: 0 }]
    name: "Personal Basic Info",
    hint: "2m23s",
    status: "paused",
    next: [{ index: 4, weight: 0 }]
  { name: "End ", hint: "2m23s", status: "end", next: [] }


Name Params Description
@click node Occurs when node is clicked


Name params Description
render Node render the whole graph again


If you find any bugs and/or want to contribute, feel free to create issues or submit pull requests.


Local Development

cd demo
yarn install

// Compiles and hot-reloads for development
yarn run serve

publish a new version

npm version patch
npm version minor
npm version major

Lints and fixes files

yarn run lint
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