Vue jscodeshift adapter

Run jscodeshift on Vue single file components

Version: 2.2.0 Updated: 10/03/2020

By: psalaets License: MIT

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Run jscodeshift on Vue single file components


npm install vue-jscodeshift-adapter -D


The instructions below assume you're familiar with jscodeshift.

Run a codemod on some .js and/or .vue files

When transforming fileInfo.source will be
.js the contents of the file
.vue the contents of <script>

The source file will be updated appropriately based on the return value of your transform().

If .vue file doesn't have a <script>, your transform() will not be called and the source file will not be changed.

1. Create wrapped transform function

// my-transform.js
const adapt = require('vue-jscodeshift-adapter');
const someCodemod = require('some-codemod');

module.exports = adapt(someCodemod);

2. Run jscodeshift

$ jscodeshift <path> -t my-transform.js --extensions vue,js

See jscodeshift readme for more info on jscodeshift CLI.



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