Vue infinite scroll elementui select

An infinite scroll directive for element-ui select.

Version: 1.0.0 Updated: 10/08/2018

By: ElemeFE License: MIT

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vue-infinite-scroll is an infinite scroll directive for vue.js.


npm install vue-infinite-scroll --save


You can use any build tool which supports commonjs:

// register globally
var infiniteScroll =  require('vue-infinite-scroll');

// or for a single instance
var infiniteScroll = require('vue-infinite-scroll');
new Vue({
  directives: {infiniteScroll}

Or in ES2015:

// register globally
import infiniteScroll from 'vue-infinite-scroll'

// or for a single instance
import infiniteScroll from 'vue-infinite-scroll'
new Vue({
  directives: {infiniteScroll}

Direct include

You can use the CDN:, infiniteScroll is exposed to window and will automatically install itself. Also you can use your local copy:

<script src="../node_modules/vue-infinite-scroll/vue-infinite-scroll.js"></script>


Use v-infinite-scroll to enable the infinite scroll, and use infinite-scroll-* attributes to define its options.

The method appointed as the value of v-infinite-scroll will be executed when the bottom of the element reaches the bottom of the viewport.

<div v-infinite-scroll="loadMore" infinite-scroll-disabled="busy" infinite-scroll-distance="10">
var count = 0;

new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  data: {
    data: [],
    busy: false
  methods: {
    loadMore: function() {
      this.busy = true;

      setTimeout(() => {
        for (var i = 0, j = 10; i < j; i++) {
{ name: count++ });
        this.busy = false;
      }, 1000);


Option Description
infinite-scroll-disabled infinite scroll will be disabled if the value of this attribute is true.
infinite-scroll-is-select Boolean(default=true) - true when use on elementui select tag.
infinite-scroll-target-class String(default = 0) - child's of the direct element.
infinite-scroll-distance Number(default = 0) - the minimum distance between the bottom of the element and the bottom of the viewport before the v-infinite-scroll method is executed.
infinite-scroll-immediate-check Boolean(default = true) - indicates that the directive should check immediately after bind. Useful if it's possible that the content is not tall enough to fill up the scrollable container.
infinite-scroll-listen-for-event infinite scroll will check again when the event is emitted in Vue instance.
infinite-scroll-throttle-delay Number(default = 200) - interval(ms) between next time checking and this time


Command Description
npm run build Build in umd format
npm test Lint code



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