Vue entity adapter

Package to maintain entities for vuex.

Version: 1.0.5 Updated: 09/16/2019

By: imanubhardwaj License: ISC

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Entity State adapter for managing record collections.

Entity provides an API to manipulate and query entity collections.

Reduces boilerplate for creating reducers that manage a collection of models. Provides performant CRUD operations for managing entity collections. Extensible type-safe adapters for selecting entity information.




Installing with npm

npm i vue-entity-adapter

Installing with yarn

yarn add vue-entity-adapter

Getting Started

  • Create a EntityState

interface TodoState extends EntityState<Todo> {}

  • Create an EntityAdapter

const todoAdapter = new EntityAdapter<Todo>();

Adapter Methods

These methods are provided by the adapter object returned when using new EntityAdapter(). The methods are used inside your mutations to manage the entity collection based on your provided actions.


Returns the initialState for entity state based on the provided type. Additional state is also provided through the provided configuration object. The initialState is provided to your reducer function.

Entity Selectors


Returns the entity with the given id.


Returns all entities from the state.


Returns the number of entities from the state.


Returns the ids of entities from the state.

Adapter Collection Methods

The entity adapter also provides methods for operations against an entity. These methods can change one to many records at a time. Each method returns the newly modified state if changes were made and the same state if no changes were made.

  • addOne: Add one entity to the collection
  • addMany: Add multiple entities to the collection
  • addAll: Replace current collection with provided collection
  • removeOne: Remove one entity from the collection
  • removeMany: Remove multiple entities from the collection, by id or by predicate
  • removeAll: Clear entity collection
  • updateOne: Update one entity in the collection
  • updateMany: Update multiple entities in the collection
  • upsertOne: Add or Update one entity in the collection
  • upsertMany: Add or Update multiple entities in the collection
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