Vue cytoscape

> Cytoscape, now in vue

Version: 1.0.8 Updated: 01/22/2020

By: rcarcasses License: MIT

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Cytoscape, now in vue

For more details please visit our site:

Migration guide

To upgrade from v0.2.x to v1.0.x:

  • this.$cytoscape.instance no longer exist in v1, if you want to access cytoscape instance use the afterCreated lifecycle hook.
  • Creating elements by passing config.elements configuration is discouraged, use the CyElements api instead.



  • reactivity added for element data & positions


  • Typescript support.
  • Multiple cytoscape instances support.
  • v-on: directive events api introduced.
  • Documentation with vuepress.
  • DOM reflection removed.


  • cytoscape events can now be listened in through the component.
  • Graph elements can be added as children of the cytoscape component.
  • Adding/removing elements directly using cytoscape instance is reflected in the Cytoscape component: CyElements components are added/removed accordingly.


  • Support for cytoscape interaction via global instance.
  • preConfig and afterCreated lifecycle hooks provided, support for cytoscape plugins.
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