Vue collapsible

A simple collapsible / accordion

Version: 2.0.0 Updated: 10/14/2016

By: vue-comps License: MIT

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A simple collapsible / accordion.



npm install --save-dev vue-collapsible/

or include build/bundle.js.


# in your component
  "collapsible": require("vue-collapsible/collapsible")
  "collapsible-item": require("vue-collapsible/collapsible-item")
# or, when using bundle.js
  "collapsible": window.vueComps.collapsible
  "collapsible-item": window.vueComps.collapsibleItem
    <h4 slot="header">header1</h4>
    <p>body 1</p>
    <h4 slot="header">header21</h4>
    <p>body 2</p>

For examples see dev/.


Name type default description
accordion Boolean false only one child opened at a time
transition String collapsible-transition name of a reusable vue transition
transition-name String collapsible can be used for css transition
class String / Object / Array [collapsible] class of the ul
item-class String collapsible-item class of the li
header-class String collapsible-header class of the header a
body-class String collapsible-body class of the body div
no-scroll Boolean false disable scroll to top, on open of an item with accordion
scroll-transition Function (diff) -> window?.scrollBy?(0,diff) function which gets used for scrolling item back into view on opening.
Name type default description
transition String (inherit from collapsible) name of a reusable vue transition-group
transition-name String (inherit from collapsible) can be used for css transition
is-opened Boolean false is child opened
stay-open Boolean false (only with accordion) will stay open

Events on collapsible-item

Name description
toggled(isOpened:Boolean) emitted when gets opened or closed.


You can provide a vue transition like this:

Vue.component('collapsible-transition', {
  functional: true
  render: function(h,context) {
    // overwrite name for css transition - you could also use the transition-name prop = "fade"
    // disable css detection for js-only transition = {css: false}
    // js transition hooks - put emitters inside if you need events on opening/closing = {
      enter: ...
    return h("transition",,context.children)


  • 2.0.0
    now compatible with vue 2.0.0
    removed transition events - your transition needs to provide them now, if needed

  • 1.1.0
    scroll bugfix
    set default transition

  • 1.0.1
    changed how scroll works

  • 1.0.0
    changed header type from div to a
    now using vue transitions
    events are renamed after vue transitions
    added toggled event
    using vue-mixins/class to merge class on collapsible and collapsible-item
    added scroll to top and no-scroll, scroll-transition props


Clone repository.

npm install
npm run dev

Browse to http://localhost:8080/.


Copyright (c) 2016 Paul Pflugradt Licensed under the MIT license.

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