Vue box

A Small module that pull vue components into a simple testable environment for methods, computed props, and watched functionality

Version: 1.3.0 Updated: 07/18/2017

By: dhershman1 License: MIT

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npm i vue-box
yarn add vue-box





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Vue Box

Grabs your vue file, turns it into standing JS and gives you back the object to run your tests against

Please report any issues as soon as you can, I am one man and cannot test every need, or situation thank you! Please Feel free to leave suggestions on improvements/methods you'd want to see added. OR feel free to send a PR!


You can find the changelog here:


  • options: Object - An object of options to help Vue Box


const defaults = {
    props: {}, // Props used in any of your components
    vuePath: '/', // The path to the vue file your currently testing
    componentPath: '/', // the path to where your components live
    testName: 'default', // Name of the current test (optional)
    outputDir: 'tests', // Specify where you want the ouput dir to be
    external: [], // Array of external modules E.G underscore
    globals: {} // An object of globals E.G { underscore: '_' }

How It Works

So obviously Vue-Box isn't using a browser environment the whole purpose of this is to give you a unit testing environment to run your javascript tests.

Well the cons to doing this is we don't exactly use Vue itself since it would yell at us for not having a browser, what Vue-Box is doing is eliminating the this scope from vue by applying your props and data values to your computed, and method objects. It even creates a fake event catcher for $emit

How To

Pass in a set of options to vueBox and go from there

For single vue files (not importing other vue components)

const vueBox = require('vue-box');
    vuePath: `${__dirname}/../index.vue`,
    outputDir: 'tests',
    testName: 'Single-Component',
    externals: ['underscore'],
    globals: {
        underscore: '_'
}).then(vm => {
    // You can now access your vue object here

For a vue file that is importing other vue components

const vueBox = require('vue-box');
    vuePath: `${__dirname}/../index.vue`,
    outputDir: 'tests',
    testName: 'Import-Component',
    componentPath: `${__dirname}/../../`, // Note a path that points to the general components directory
    externals: ['underscore'], // General rollup settings
    globals: { // More general rollup settings
        underscore: '_'
}).then(vm => {
    // You can now access your vue object here
    // Your main vue file will be under default so: // etc...
    // You can also look at other components if you need too through the vm variabel

Checking Changes In Data

You can watch for changes in data based on the area you are in, methods will change data in the method scope for instance

// If we have a method like this inside our .vue file
testMethod() {
    this.dataValue = 'new value';

// While in our test file we will have something like:
const vueBox = require('vue-box');
 // Options
}).then(vm => {
    // Output:
    // 'new value'




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