Tb cli

A simple CLI for scaffolding TB.

Version: 2.1.3 Updated: 08/14/2018

By: TB-blog License: MIT

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npm i tb-cli
yarn add tb-cli

Repository: https://github.com/TB-blog/TB-CLI


bundle.run: https://bundle.run/tb-cli

jsDelivr: https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/tb-cli

unpkg: https://unpkg.com/tb-cli

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A simple CLI for scaffolding TB.


  • Operating System: Linux, OS X or Windows.
  • Node.js Runtime: 8.x or newer; it is recommended that you use LTS Releases.



Install & Usage


npm install tb-cli -g


  Usage: tb <command> [options]


    -V, --version  output the version number
    -h, --help     output usage information


    init           generate a new project from TB template
    theme          list available official themes
    help [cmd]     display help for [cmd]


// config details please see following docs
tb init [project-name]
cd [project-name]
npm install // or if using yarn: yarn

Then open your browser and visit

Config details

TB is based on Github API and Github issues. Before your starting, please create a new respository and add some issues for your blog articles, default respository name is blog, of course you can set your own.

If you only have empty respository and don't have issues yet, after generating TB, you will have an entry to create issues.


The first step is to generate your token, which is for Github API request validation, and please check following options:

  • repo
    • repo:status
    • repo_deployment
    • public_repo
  • user
    • read:user
    • user:email

And add the token description and click Generate token to get your token.


If you are already connected to your server, you can build & run TB in your server simply, but before deploying please make sure you already have node and git :

  • Global install TB-CLI.

      npm install tb-cli -g
  • Go to the target root folder.

  • Generate TB like using it in your local environment:

      tb init [project-name]
  • Go to your project folder:

      cd [project-name]
      npm install --production // if using yarn: yarn install --production
  • Start deploying(using pm2):

      pm2 start npm --name 'project-name' -- start

Then TB is listen to port 2333 in your server with pm2.


you can run tb theme to check official themes.


Welcome to contribute by creating issues or sending pull requests. See Contributing Guide for guidelines.



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