ob.js comes from vue.js and is used to observe/watch Object/Array/Class

Version: 1.0.0 Updated: 11/28/2017

By: cnlon License: MIT

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npm i ob.js
yarn add ob.js

Repository: https://github.com/cnlon/ob.js


bundle.run: https://bundle.run/ob.js

jsDelivr: https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/ob.js

unpkg: https://unpkg.com/ob.js

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ob.js comes from Vue.js. It's a small, efficient library for observing changes to javascript Object, Array and Class.


npm install --save ob.js


bower install --save ob.js


To watch expression. ob.watch(target, expression, callback) or ob(target, expression, callback)

Try it on: codepen jsfiddle

const target = {a: 1}
ob(target, 'a', function (newValue, oldValue) {
  console.log(newValue, oldValue)
target.a = 3
// 3 1

To add computed property. ob.compute(target, name, getter)

Try it on: codepen jsfiddle

const target = {a: 1}
ob.compute(target, 'b', function () {
  return this.a * 2
// 2
target.a = 3
// 6

To watch expressions and computed properties. ob.react(options)

Try it on: codepen jsfiddle

const options = {
  data: {
    PI: Math.PI,
    radius: 1,
  computed: {
    'area': function () {
      return this.PI * this.square(this.radius) // πr²
  watchers: {
    'area': function (newValue, oldValue) {
      console.log(`area: ${newValue}`)
  methods: {
    square (num) {
      return num * num
const target = ob.react(options)
target.radius = 3
// area: 28.274333882308138



name type value detail
ob.deep Boolean The default is false If true, ob.watch(target, expression, callback) will observe target deeply
ob.sync Boolean The default is false If true, ob.watch(target, expression, callback) will invoke callback immediately when a property change is detected
ob.default Function Could only be one of ob.react, ob.watch and ob.compute. The default is ob.watch Set actual method to ob.default for ob(...)



  • It's syntactic sugar of ob.default. See 'properties' for details

ob.watch(target, expression, callback)

  • target: Any object
  • expression: String or Function
  • callback: Function
  • Returns Watcher. And calling watcher.teardown() could unwatch expression

ob.compute(target, name, accessor, cache)

  • target: Any object
  • name: String
  • accessor:
    • Function: It will be the get of accessor
    • Object: Contains: (at least get or set)
      • get: Function
      • set: Function
      • cache: Boolean. Optional. The default is true. If false, the get will be evaluated whenever reading computed properties
  • cache: Boolean. Same as accessor.cache

ob.react(options, target)

  • options: Object. Contains:
    • data: It's the properties to add
    • computed: It's the computed properties to add
    • watchers: It's the watchers to watch properties or computed properties
    • methods: The methods to add. And these will bind to target
  • target: Any object. Optional. The default is empty object. It will be attached with the fields of options
  • returns target



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