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Vue Lyra embedded form

Version: 0.1.3 Updated: 09/18/2020

By: lyra License: ISC

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Vue Embedded Form

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Add the next package to your library:

With Yarn

yarn add @lyracom/vue-embedded-form

With NPM

npm install --save @lyracom/vue-embedded-form


You can add a form to any Vue2 application as follows:

// Import the library and get the plugin for Vue2
import LyraForm from "@lyracom/vue-embedded-form"

//define component setup options
const setup = {
    'kr-client-domain': 'https://api.payzen.eu',
    'kr-theme': "classic",
    'kr-public-key': '69876357:testpublickey_DEMOPUBLICKEY95me92597fd28tGD4r5'

Vue.use(LyraForm, setup);

Now, you can add the component to your Vue views or components as:


<lyra-form kr-form-token="DEMO-TOKEN-TO-BE-REPLACED"

    <!-- payment form fields -->
    <div class="kr-pan"></div>
    <div class="kr-expiry"></div>
    <div class="kr-security-code"></div>

    <!-- payment form submit button -->
    <button class="kr-payment-button"></button>

    <!-- error zone -->
    <div class="kr-form-error"></div>

With Pug

    // payment form fields

    // payment form submit button

    // error zone


Example Description
minimal a minimal example using vue-cli
pre-loaded pre-load the payment form to get it as fast as possible


The allowed configuration parameters are:

Parameter Description Setup Template Runtime
kr-client-domain Sets the endpoint of the library
kr-public-key Public key used for the payment
kr-language Language used on the payment form
kr-post-url-success The URL to POST on successfull payment
kr-post-url-refused The URL to POST on failed payment
kr-clear-on-error Disable the security code cleaning after a failed payment
kr-hide-debug-toolbar Disables the toolbar (only visible for test public keys)
kr-placeholder-expiry Changes the default placeholder of the expiry field
kr-placeholder-pan Changes the default placeholder of the pan field
kr-placeholder-security-code Changes the default placeholder of the security code field
kr-popin If true, payment form is displayed inside a pop-in
kr-popin-button If true, the library generates a popin button
kr-form-id Sets the form ID

setup parameters

All the Parameters are configurable on the setup step adding the value on the corresponding key as the next example:

// Import the library and get the plugin for Vue2
import LyraForm from "@lyracom/vue-embedded-form"

// Configure your endpoint of payment
const setup = {
    'kr-client-domain': 'https://api.payzen.eu',
    'kr-post-url-success': '/post-result',
    'kr-public-key': '69876357:testpublickey_DEMOPUBLICKEY95me92597fd28tGD4r5',
    'kr-theme': "classic",

Vue.use(LyraForm, setup);

template parameters

All the Parameters enabled for templates are configurable on the template step adding the value on the corresponding HTML attribute on the lyra-form component as the next example:

    kr-placeholder-pan="My pan!"

Runtime parameters

All the Parameters enabled for runtime are configurable on the runtime calling the next KR setFormConfig library method:

    "kr-post-url-success": "/my-post",
    "kr-placeholder-expiry": "My expiration date",


The theme property can be configured on the setup object argument of the LyraForm plugin. Available themes are:

  • classic
  • material

If no theme is configured, no CSS will be applied to the final form.

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