@luizmacfilho/v mask

Tiny input mask library for Vue.js based on text-mask-core (~4kb) exposed as directive. No dependencies

Version: 2.0.3 Updated: 02/04/2020

By: probil License: MIT


npm i @luizmacfilho/v-mask
yarn add @luizmacfilho/v-mask

Repository: https://github.com/probil/v-mask


bundle.run: https://bundle.run/@luizmacfilho/v-mask

jsDelivr: https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@luizmacfilho/v-mask

unpkg: https://unpkg.com/@luizmacfilho/v-mask

:abcd: Vue input mask

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Tiny input mask library for vue.js based on text-mask-core (~4kb) exposed as directive. No dependencies

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:heavy_check_mark: Browser Support

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We support only browsers with global usage statistics greater then 1%, last 2 version of each browser but not dead browsers. Library may work in older browser but we don't not guarantee that. You may need addition polyfills to make it work.

:cd: Installation

This version requires Vue 2.X. If you are looking for Vue 1.X, check it here.

npm install v-mask


ES2015 (Webpack/Rollup/Browserify/etc)

import Vue from 'vue'

// As a plugin
import VueMask from 'v-mask'

// Or as a directive
import { VueMaskDirective } from 'v-mask'
Vue.directive('mask', VueMaskDirective);

UMD (Browser)

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/vue/dist/vue.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/v-mask/dist/v-mask.min.js"></script>
// As a plugin

// Or as a directive
Vue.directive('mask', VueMask.VueMaskDirective);

:rocket: Usage

<input type="text" v-mask="'####-##'" v-model="myInputModel">
<!-- OR -->
<input type="text" v-mask="nameOfVariableWithMask" v-model="myInputModel">

Notice: v-model is required starting from v1.1.0, because a lot of bugs with HTMLElement event listeners and sync with Vue internals.

There is no reason to support using this lib for using without v-model but open the door for using on custom inputs.

:gear: Configs

List of supported placeholders:

Value Format
# Number (0-9)
A Letter in any case (a-z,A-Z)
N Number or letter
X Any symbol
? Optional (next character)

:syringe: Tests

Jest is used for unit-tests.

Unit-tests can be executed by typing this command in your terminal:

npm test

TestCafe is used of E2E testing.

E2E-tests can be executed by typing this command in your terminal:

npm test:e2e

:anchor: Semantic Versioning Policy

This plugin follows semantic versioning.

:newspaper: Changelog

We're using GitHub Releases.

:beers: Contributing

We're more than happy to see potential contributions, so don't hesitate. If you have any suggestions, ideas or problems feel free to add new issue, but first please make sure your question does not repeat previous ones.

Notice: You should make your changes only in src folder, don't try to edit files from dist as it compiled from src by babel and shouldn't be changes manually.

:lock: License

See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

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