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A high quality UI components Library with Vue.js

Version: 2.12.0 Updated: 06/04/2018

By: iview License: MIT

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npm i iview-test
yarn add iview-test

Repository: https://github.com/iview/iview


bundle.run: https://bundle.run/iview-test

jsDelivr: https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/iview-test

unpkg: https://unpkg.com/iview-test


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A high quality UI Toolkit built on Vue.js.

This branch is for Vue.js 2.x.

The branch for Vue.js 1.x can be found here.


English (2.0)

中文文档 (2.0)

中文文档 (1.0)


Component Overview


  • Dozens of useful and beautiful components.
  • Friendly API. It's made for people with any skill level.
  • Extensive documentation and demos.
  • It is quite beautiful.
  • Supports both Vue.js 2 and Vue.js 1.

Who's using iView

If your company or products use iView, welcome to click here to leave a message.


Please install Webpack first!

We recommend you create your project through iView Cli or iview-project. You can also use vue-cli.

Install iView

Using npm:

npm install iview --save

Using a script tag for global use:

<script type="text/javascript" src="iview.min.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/styles/iview.css">

You can find more info on the website.


    <Slider v-model="value" range />
    export default {
        data () {
            return {
                value: [20, 50]

Using css via import:

import 'iview/dist/styles/iview.css';


  • Supports Vue.js 2.x
  • Supports Vue.js 1.x - visit 1.0 docs
  • Supports SSR
  • Supports Nuxt.js
  • Supports Electron
  • iView does not support IE8 or below since Vue.js uses Object.defineProperty to track changes which is not supported by these browsers.


If you want to contribute or have questions or bugs to report:

Questions: Find other users at the Gitter chat or post on StackOverflow using [iview-ui] tag
Bugs: File a issue here - please provide a example so we can help you better
Contribute: Contact us in Gitter chat, WeChat or via mail to admin@aresn.com. PRs welcome!

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