Import sort parser babel vue

An import-sort parser for Vue based on import-sort-parser-babylon

Version: 1.0.6 Updated: 04/20/2020

By: CoolCyberBrain License: MIT


Vue parser for import-sort. Works with typescript or flow in Vue Single File Components, or just plain typescript or flow code. Most of the code is from import-sort-parser-babylon.


See more about importsortrc

Add the following in .importsortrc

".js, .jsx, .es6, .es, .mjs, .ts, .tsx, .vue": {
  "parser": "import-sort-parser-babel-vue",
  "style": "eslint"

Or add the following in package.json

"importSort": {
  ".js, .jsx, .es6, .es, .mjs, .ts, .tsx, .vue": {
    "parser": "import-sort-parser-babel-vue",
    "style": "eslint"

Personally I prefer "style": "module", you'll need to install import-sort-style-module.


The extra line above the first import is unavoidable because of the design of import-sort

  <div class="container">

<script lang="ts">

import Vue from "vue";

export default Vue.extend({

<style lang="scss">
@import "@/assets/mixins";

.container {
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