A basic terminal written in Vue. ![Graybox]( ## How to Install

Version: 0.0.1 Updated: 09/30/2019

By: ctennery


npm i graybox
yarn add graybox





A basic terminal written in Vue. Graybox

How to Install

npm install --save graybox

How to use

Bind Graybox.onCommand() to a function you want to be run when the user hits "Enter". The object returned is a ParsedInput that will have the command and arguments with their values. Using the up and down arrow keys cycle through past commands.

<Graybox ref="graybox" title="Graybox" :onCommand="runCommand" :configuration="config" />
import Graybox from 'graybox/src/components/Graybox';

export default {
    name: 'app',
    components: {
    data() {
        return {
            config: {
                globalPrefix: "My App's Name",
    methods: {
        runCommand: function(userInput) {
            return {
                cmdOutput: 'Example output.',


The ParsedInput object parses out the first word as the command, then all arguments and values grouped as -argument val1 val2. It will always returns the raw text input as well.

    args: [
            name: 'date',
            values: ['2019/01/01', '2019/12/31']
            name: 'keywords',
            values: ['cat', 'dog', 'animal']
            name: 'contains',
            values: ['dog park']
    cmd: 'search-logs',
    cmdInput: 'search-logs -date 2019/01/01 2019/12/31 -keywords cat dog animal -contains "dog park"'

Global Configurations

Binding an object to the configuration property of the Graybox will set its global configuration. Global configurations are used as the default formatting for every Graybox entry and are overriden by the scoped configurations in the section below. Available Configurations:

config = {
    showCmdPrefix: true, //This is the grouping of text left of the output text
    showTime: true, //Show or hide the time
    timeStamp: undefined, //Actual time value
    showGlobalPrefix: true, //Show or hide the global prefix
    globalPrefix: '', //Global prefix text
    showScopedPrefix: true, //Show or hide the scoped prefix
    scopedPrefix: '', //Scoped prefix text
    showCmdInput: true, //Show or hide what the user wrote above cmdOutput text

Scoped Configurations

The function that is called from onCommand should return an object for the Graybox to output to the line. Every property is optional and will only affect the Graybox entry it is passed to. Object Format:

return {
    //Note: All properties from the Global Configurations are available here in addition to the following:
    cmdInput: '', //Overrides the user's input
    showCmdOutput: true, //Show or hide the cmdOuput
    cmdOutput: 'Example output.', //Main output to be written to the Graybox

    //Reporting - Currently nonfunctional but unharmful
    isError: false,
    errorMessage: 'Bad things!',
    isWarning: false,
    warningMessage: 'Kind of bad things!',
    isSuccess: true,
    successMessage: 'Good things!',
    isInformation: false,
    informationMessage: 'Things!',
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