@gofynd/fdk cli

Fynd Development Kit

Version: 2.0.57 Updated: 06/10/2021

By: gofynd License: MIT

Downloads Last 30 Days: 201


npm i @gofynd/fdk-cli
yarn add @gofynd/fdk-cli

Repository: https://github.com/gofynd/fdk-cli


bundle.run: https://bundle.run/@gofynd/fdk-cli

jsDelivr: https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@gofynd/fdk-cli

unpkg: https://unpkg.com/@gofynd/fdk-cli

Fynd Development Kit

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npm install -g @gofynd/fdk-cli
npx @gofynd/fdk-cli [command]


Command Arguments Description
fdk --host api.addsale.com | api.fynd.com Set Theme Host
fdk completion null Generate autocompletion script
fdk theme init null Initialize Theme
fdk theme fetch null Fetch current theme of app
fdk theme sync --component Sync Theme to DB
fdk theme sync-live --component Sync Theme Live to DB
fdk theme pull null Pull latest app theme
fdk theme auth Authentication using App ID, Token & User Credentials


Autocomplete script to be pasted in ./bashrc or ./zshrc file depending on the shell.

echo 'AUTOCOMPLETE_SCRIPT_HERE' >>~/.bash_profile

Single Line Command for init

fdk theme init --name [app_name] --email [demo@gmail.com] --password [your_password] --app-id [app_id] --app-token [app_token] --fetch [true | false] --dir [your-directory] --host [your_host]

Above command is available in the admin panel under the theme section.

Single Line Command for auth

fdk theme auth --email [demo@gmail.com] --password [your_password] --app-id [app_id] --app-token [app_token] --host [your_host]


Command Example
fdk --host fdk --host api.addsale.com
fdk --host fdk --host api.fynd.com
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