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Vue project template with iview.

Version: 2.0.0 Updated: 12/19/2017

By: VanMess License: MIT

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A yo generator with iView from tecvan.

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First, install Yeoman and generator-iview-admin using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-iview-admin

Then generate your new project:

yo iview-admin

What do you get?

Scaffolds out a complete generator directory structure for you:

├── .gitignore
├── .babelrc
├── .editorconfig
├── .eslintignore
├── .eslintrc.js
├── .gitignore
├── .postcssrc.js
├── index.html
├── package.json
├── build
│   ├── build.js
│   ├── check-versions.js
│   ├── dev-client.js
│   ├── dev-server.js
│   ├── utils.js
│   ├── vue-loader.conf.js
│   ├── webpack.base.conf.js
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├── webpack.test.conf.js
├── config
│   ├── dev.env.js
│   ├── index.js
│   ├── prod.env.js
│   ├── test.env.js
├── src
├── static
├── test

Run the demo

After the installation, we could run script to start server (http://localhost:8080).

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run start

# build for production with minification
npm run build

# build for production and view the bundle analyzer report
npm run build --report



Just a simply yo template with: vue iview eslint and karma. I translate the vue webpack template from vue context to yo, and additionally define the base layout like this: v1 layout So you could start up CMS liked system more quickly.

Getting To Know Yeoman

Yeoman has a heart of gold. He's a person with feelings and opinions, but he's very easy to work with. If you think he's too opinionated, he can be easily convinced. Feel free to learn more about him.


MIT © tecvan

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