TL Pro

TL Pro

TL Pro - resource loader with textures, maps and cheats
4.6 100,000+ Jul 10th 2021

Recent changes

- New theme! (more themes to the god of themes!)
- User packs! (create packs using TL Packer and send them to us, will be happy to add them :) )
- Save installed packs to .tl packs (examples are always at hand)
- Save item properties to a file (we know, you want to keep them and share :) )
- Dropped Android 4.4 support: sry, but it's 8 years old, and its support makes TL work worse on newer androids
- An early support for TL mods written in JavaScript (the last point, hehe)


TL Pro - resource loader, which allows:

1. Replace all of the resources of the game on their own and at any time, enable/disable them.
2. Use the cheat panel with many functions during games
3. Load packs (set of textures, worlds, players) from other developers and easily create your own.
4. Edit the characters’ inventory.

It is important to note that this app is not an official app by 505 Games Srl game developers. All rights for Terraria belong 505 Games Srl.

* The program requires the official Terraria client for Android.

We spend much time fixing issues and adding new features you’ve asked for in the official group. Unfortunately, we can’t fix and add all the possible things, so, we will be happy to get your suggestions and bug reports by private messages in the official group (TL Pro > “About program” > “Report error”) or by mail.