Sleep Sounds - Calm Music & Sounds For Sleeping

Sleep Sounds - Calm Music & Sounds For Sleeping

This app contains calm melodies for meditation, as well as repose & right sleep
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The sleep sound app is perfect for those looking for calming sounds for meditation or relaxing sounds for sleeping. Thanks to the application, you can finally fall asleep quickly and wake up full of inspiration, strength and energy for new achievements.🤳🏻🎶💤

The white noise sleep application has the following categories:
🎵 Melodies for healthy and sound sleep
🎵 Relaxation & Meditation Music categories
🎵 Сonvenient timer

Daily routine, worries, stress - all this has a very bad effect on the human body.🤒🤕 Since the life of a modern person is very mobile and fast, there is very little peace and time for rest in it. In this regard, many psychologists and doctors recommend trying to allocate as much time as possible for rest, healthy sleep and meditation.👩🏻‍⚕️

We created this app to help you relax, calm down and tune in for a good day.🌞 Thanks to the calm sound and music that we have included in this wonderful program, you can definitely come in harmony with yourself and your body.
This soothing sounds and white noise rain are suitable for both meditations and in order to calm down and fall asleep quickly.😴

In the white noise application, melodies and sleep noise sounds are divided into different categories so that you can choose what you like first of all.
There is music here that will help you concentrate more or just distract yourself, for example, as in the city category. Here you will find the sounds of traffic🚕 or a passing police car with a siren on🚔🚨, the familiar sounds of the tapping wheels of a train🚞, rain sounds🌧, or the sound of the wings of a pigeon suddenly flying out from somewhere🕊. And also in the application there are melodies which are pleasant to relax, read, hold a meditation session and sounds to help you sleep.🧘🏼‍♀️ Open the category relaxing, it will perfectly fit your romantic mood. Here you can hear the melody of a gentle flute🎺, the mysterious sound of the harp, a saxophone with blues sounds,🎷a graceful piano🎹 or calm guitar sounds🎸, and of course ocean sounds for sleep🏖. We promise that any of these rain sounds sleep or just relax sounds will win you over and help you forget about worries and will help you tune in the right way.

Choose a time for meditation or relaxation, and don't forget to set a timer. After all, under these exciting melodies you can forget about the routine for a long time. Therefore, try to devote such sessions all morning or evening, so that nothing could disturb these moments of relaxation and solitude.⏳

👯‍♀️ Remember that good sleep and rest is a must for every person. And now it's available to everyone with the calm noise, soothing melodies and sounds to sleep by our app.💆🏽‍♀️💆🏻

⬇️Download the sleep sound application⬇️ and immerse yourself in a world of calmness and tranquility with beautiful sounds and melodies that are available for you for free in our new application.🎼