Save Editor for Stardew Valley

Save Editor for Stardew Valley

Save Editor for Stardew Valley / Mods for Stardew Valley
4.4 10,000+ Feb 22nd 2021

Recent changes


Fixes game freeze when using certain weapons. (Remove and re-add the weapons if this happens.)


Initial support for Stardew Valley v1.5!
Fixes save file reads on Android 10 and 11

Stay safe and don't shop at JojaMart.

--- v1.5+ Spoilers below ---

- Adds v1.5 weapons, craftables, fish, food, seeds, minerals, rings, hats, shoes, and a few things that were not previously accessible in the game
- Adds ability to switch to Beach Farm
- Set quantity of Qi Gems


Enhance your Stardew Valley experience with my Stardew Save Editor.

Now supporting Stardew Valley v1.4 and saves from PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch!


- Add money
- Manage inventory and chest items
- Instantly receive missing Community Center items
- Send yourself a random daily gift (after Community Center is complete)
- Instantly finish all crops, construction, incubators and craftable items
- Purchase artifacts, decorations, fish, food, hats, minerals, weapons and out of season seeds
- Automatically remove weeds and other debris
- Switch between farm types, cave types and professions
- Adjust friendship, tool, luck, combat and skill levels
- Add or remove pets (have both cats and dogs, or neither!)
- Add custom quests and NPC responses
- Change your player or farm name
- Choose your own weather
- Time travel between days, seasons & more

From v1.0.5 onwards you can edit your farm in middle of the day!

Press "Save Backup" in Stardew Valley to edit the game in progress.

This will allow you change time and "Teleport" to anywhere in game:

- Visit villager houses and stores, even when they're closed
- Access areas like the Greenhouse and Sewer before you unlock them
- Shop at JojaMart after they leave town (if you must)
- Gain access to 3 more wine cellars
- Visit the unfinished Summit (you will need to teleport back)
- Jump to any level of the Skull Cavern

(copy non-Android save games to /Internal Storage/StardewValley for editing)

I originally built this as a tool for myself after having to restart the game, but figured others might enjoy it too. Please email me if you find any issues. Enjoy!