More Timers

More Timers

An easy way to create multiple, customizable, timers and stopwatches all at once
0.0 10 Jan 25th 2021

Recent changes

Added lap timer for stopwatches.


More Timers lets you create several unique timers and stopwatches at once.


• Timer/Stopwatch Personalization
o Different colors
o Unique names
o Various sound effects
• Stopwatch lap timer
• Drag and drop list
• Keep screen on while in-app
• Up to 100 timers and stopwatches all at once

I thought of More Timers while undergoing physical therapy with other patients whose hospital-issued timers sounded and looked just like mine. (Whenever one person's alarm went off, we all stopped what we were doing so we could check to see whose it was, losing precious therapy time in the process.) I thought to myself, there must be a better way. After struggling to find something that would work (and failing), I developed this app.

More Timers lets you create as many timers and stopwatches as you like. Even better, you can customize them with unique titles, colors, and sounds to stay organized while working on multiple tasks.

While born in a medical setting, the app is more of a productivity tool than anything else. I use it to schedule my day and keep track of what I am doing. My mom uses it for cooking. My uncle, a teacher, uses it in his classroom. When the pandemic ends, I plan to use it to diagram my workout routines.

How will you use it?