LiveTL - Translation Filter for Streams

LiveTL - Translation Filter for Streams

Live translations for YouTube streams, crowdsourced from multilingual viewers!
4.0 10,000+ Jul 3rd 2021

Recent changes

While we iron out issues with the native rewrite, here's an updated version of the legacy app with HyperChat and bugfixes.

If you are a developer who would like to take over the maintenance of the legacy app, please contact us on Discord ( The new native Android app will be available through the Google Play store beta program as it was previously.


Have you ever wanted live translations for vtuber streams? Well, look no further than LiveTL!

LiveTL (Live TransLate) separates translations from regular chat messages in YouTube streams. It includes the following features:
* Filter translations for your language (messages tagged with [en], es -, etc.)
* Select your favorite translators
* Clean interface
* Archived stream (VOD) support
* Custom user/mod filters
* And more!

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