Healthy Together - COVID-19

Healthy Together - COVID-19

Join the effort to reopen our communities safely
4.8 500,000+ Jun 24th 2021

Recent changes

Thank you for joining the Healthy Together cause. We have made the following improvements:

- Bug fixes and performance improvements


Healthy Together is made in partnership with the Florida Department of Health to help stop the spread of COVID-19 through:

- Real time in-app test result delivery

- Access to testing, vaccine information and appointments

- Symptom assessments that are shareable with your doctor

- Daily passport for clearing employees, students and faculty for work or school

- Augmented and guided contact tracing

- Notification center for public health announcements

User Data, Privacy & Security

- There is no mandate to participate in this effort, users choose to opt-in.

- Users are in full control of their personal data. They decide what they share and can reverse those decisions as well as delete their data at any time.

- All symptom data is automatically de-identified after 30-days.

- Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. The use of this data is limited to COVID-19 response efforts, public health & research purposes.

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