Get Fit Puzzle

Get Fit Puzzle

Use your Fitbit stats to bulk up your bunny in this puzzle matching game.
4.6 50,000+ Dec 22nd 2020

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Earn more rewards with Active Minutes!
Get your weekly exercise in to earn powerup-filled Chests! It’s never been easier to form healthy habits while playing Get Fit Puzzle!
Note: Active Zone Minutes is coming soon. If you have Active Zone Minutes they will be converted to the appropriate amount of Active Minutes.

NEW Blocker - Watermelon
The Watermelon is a new obstacle that can only be cleared by powerups - make sure to plan your moves ahead!

Plus much more!


Get Fit Puzzle is a stand alone game that connects to your Fitbit account. Enjoy limited free play or sign up for Fitbit Premium for unlimited access.

Use your Fitbit step and sleep stats to bulk up your bunny and win the race in this puzzle matching game that encourages you to stay healthy. Moving more and hitting your sleep goal earns you bonus moves that help you level up faster, so your healthy habits can punt your bunny into first place!

Get Fit Puzzle is a stand alone game that connects to your Fitbit account and syncs with your step and sleep stats.

The goal of the game is to bulk up your bunny by feeding it smoothies so it can win big in the weekly race!

Use your moves to collect smoothie ingredients by tapping 2 or more of the same, adjacent fruit tiles.

Once all the ingredients have been collected, your smoothie will be complete and your bunny will advance to the next level.

Here’s where the real fun comes in: Your steps and sleep can earn you special bonus moves!

For every 500 steps you take, you get 5 extra moves, which help you collect ingredients and level up faster. Your healthy habits keep your bunny healthy too!

If you meet your bedtime and wake-up time goals, the next morning your bunny earns a Nutrition Bomb Power-Up that you can use to collect more ingredient tiles!

At the end of each week, see your bunny’s final position in the race and score trophies if it took one of the top prizes!