FORScan Lite

FORScan Lite

Computer diagnostic of Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles
3.6 100,000+ Jun 3rd 2021

Recent changes

- Vehicle database update
- Migration to core 2.3.41
- Fixed problem accessing shared files, appeared in Android 11


FORScan Lite application was developed specially for a computer diagnostic of Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

Requirements and limitations:
- ELM327 or compatible OBDII adapter with Bluetooth, WiFi or USB interface.
- Recommended adapters: OBDLink MX+, vLinker FD BT.
- Attention: vehicles other than Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury are not supported!
- Attention: application will not work with ELM327 clones of poor quality!
- Attention: application doesn't contain any configuration and programming functions!

- Analyzing an on-board network configuration of the connected vehicle.
- Read and reset diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) for all modules.
- Read sensors and other data (PIDs) from all modules.
- Running manufacturer-specific functions, including tests and service functions.