Drawing games-Draw Happy Life-

Drawing games-Draw Happy Life-

Just draw it to make happy the girl Emmy and Enjoy her episodes.
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💕Can you make her happy??🤔
She want to live a happy life,so need your brain!🤯
Let's test your brain for playing the quick-drawing games🧠

🧐How to be Draw Master🧐

1️⃣ Relax and solve puzzles with the pencil
Calm down and Find missing one part.
Please don't erase one part eather erase her,do put one scribble what is empty.

2️⃣ Spend long days and life with the puzzles.
Over 100 puzzles and so many episodes of missing parts make you fun.
Don't skip. Maybe you can be like braindead.

3️⃣You don't have to draw perfect.
Enjoy just like scribbling on a chalkboard.
You need not feel guilty. Feel happy and amaze her life!

If you like ibis paint,skechpad,brainpop and happy glass, Draw Happy Life will also be one of your favorite choices.
Let's download now Draw Happy Life and draw something,solve drawing puzzles.