Beat Cyberpunk 2077's hacking minigame in the most meta way possible
4.7 10,000+ Apr 19th 2021

Recent changes

Tentative fix for PlatformException on Android 11.


This app automatically finds the best solution for CP2077's Breach Protocol minigame. Take a picture of the matrix and sequences, input your buffer size and it should calculate the most rewarding path you can take. More detailed instructions can be found in the Steam Guide:

In case you're curious, here's all the permissions the app needs, along with why it needs them:

Read the contents of your USB storage/Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage - When you take a picture of the minigame screen, the app saves it as a temporary file and then parses that file using an OCR library. After the image is parsed, it's deleted from the device to prevent it from taking unnecessary space.

Network related permissions: The app downloads the "Rajdhani" font from Google Fonts, to more closely match Cyberpunk 2077's UI. You should be able to run the app without connecting to the Internet, but it won't look as pretty!

Prevent device from sleeping: The app uses the camera, blocking the device from sleeping while it is active.