Claw Machine Game Toreba -Online Claw Machine Game

Claw Machine Game Toreba -Online Claw Machine Game

Fun japanese claw machine! Play this crane game and win real UFO catcher prizes!
2.8 1,000,000+ Jul 6th 2021

Recent changes

- A cache clear feature has been added to the settings menu.
- System update for new features.
- The message displayed in the retry notification when purchasing TP has been changed.
- Fixed an issue in which the "Remaining time" of a play may be displayed incorrectly.
- Improving stability and various bug fixes


Fun claw machine game from Japan!
Play on live crane machines and get real prizes!

Recommended to people who:
-Like claw machine games
-Used to play Japanese crane games
-Are searching for popular UFO catcher games
-Want to discover online crane machine games
-Particularly enjoy UFO catcher from Japan
-Are interested in playing games with real prizes
-Were only playing UFO crane simulator games until now
-Used to play claw cranes among other arcade games in amusement arcades

Play one of the best real claw machine games online and get prizes and official Japanese plushies and figures!
Get the same feeling as playing a claw machine game in an arcade with the Claw Machine Game Toreba!

Prizes won through Toreba are shipped right to your address!
Meet the requirements and receive 1 Free Shipment every 7 days during the ongoing Shipping Campaign!
Stock rotates constantly to keep the game fresh and exciting. See something you like? Grab it before someone else does!
Register today to play 5 times for free!

* The 5 free plays are credited to first-time users upon registering a Claw Machine Game Toreba account.

- Available Languages
English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

- Version
Android OS 4.3 or above

- Connection requirements
4G/Wi-Fi suggested

Toreba Official Website

* Regarding input lag
While playing, you may notice input or feedback lag as both video output and control inputs are streaming real-time to an actual, physical Toreba Claw Machine. For best results, please enjoy Toreba in an area with strong reception.