Assistant for Stardew Valley

Assistant for Stardew Valley

Planner for Stardew Valley which helps to keep track of tasks and events
4.8 10,000+ Apr 27th 2021

Recent changes

1.999/? update for 1.5
• Added Hungarian
• More organized settings screen
• Many small fixes


Assistant is a diary and planner app for Stardew Valley. It helps keep track of everyday farm tasks. Be sure that you don't miss an important event.

— List of tasks for each day
— Create your recurring tasks (every day, week, season or year, every X days)
— All year calendar
— Loved and liked (+ neutral, disliked, hated) gifts lists for all characters
— Schedules of all Stardew Valley NPCs
— Bundle tracker with suggestions
— Museum tracker
— Works offline
— [Unfinished!] wiki-like item pages

Not affiliated with the creators of Stardew Valley